Mission Critical Inventory Management

In today’s challenging financial environment, private and government agencies need cost effective, innovative, and user-friendly solutions to manage their inventory, assets, purchasing, and fleet maintenance. Budget cuts are an every-day reality and First Responders feel the strain as they balance the preparation side of the Public Safety business with their ability to respond to life and death situations. With fewer resources available to manage increasing demand, it becomes mission critical to have well-maintained equipment and medical supplies available to save lives.

Public Safety agencies such as Police, Fire and EMS rely on having what they need when they need it-100% availability and 100% effectiveness when it comes to operational equipment and life-saving supplies. Today’s paper tracking leaves much to be desired and tracking down expired or soon-to-expire products is a nightmare. Spreadsheets are a start in keeping track of expensive assets & medical equipment, but there has got to be a better way to know where these valuable items are and that they are properly maintained.

Diligent preparation is key in risk management and positive patient outcomes. What would it cost if a critical medication was not available at the time of patient care? What if a stretcher or monitor failed during use? How tough would it be to pull all items with a specific lot number out of circulation due to a product recall? These are things to consider as you prepare for your agency to respond effectively.

Imagine having all the tools you need in one place for the management of medical supplies, station inventory, company assets and vehicles. All of this information is in one system where you can see how much of a medication is on hand, when it expires, where it is, when it is time to order more and even helps you pull your order together! This solution does exist… Software as a Service (SaaS) models offered today along with the right hardware and expertise can help an agency break through the barriers toward effective inventory, asset, purchasing, and fleet management.

Whether you operate one supply room servicing five ambulances or you manage a distribution center with 50 supply stations serving over 200 fire vehicles–the cost benefits, time savings, and peace of mind are extremely valuable to your bottom line. Web-based inventory management tools along with barcode scanning can begin to automate some of the manual processes, increase the level of accountability, and reduce the amount of data entry errors. These benefits, along with the ability to dig in and troubleshoot easily can allow movement toward more accurate inventory counts and need-based ordering.

Maintaining assets and fleet can be an important piece of any business, but an especially critical component for First Responders. Today’s fleet maintenance systems are designed to support the management of vehicle maintenance schedules, ad-hoc repairs and tracking of operation and maintenance costs. They can be integrated with check sheets and inventory management capabilities to provide a complete vehicle tracking system. Tracking mileage, fuel costs, maintenance and repairs with a reliable fleet management software can eliminate the redundant processes experienced by many departments today while providing a centralized place to manage all vehicle information.

Inventory, fleet, and asset management may be a dreaded topic, but it’s an important factor in running a successful business. Web-based management tools can make these processes much less painful. A flexible and convenient solution can grant its users more freedom, better organization, and increased accountability. Public Safety agencies depend heavily on effective risk management, and it is essential that they utilize the best tools available. Efficiency for most companies means more money for advertising or more time for product development, but efficiency for heroes means more lives saved per day.

Management Courses – What Should You Expect?

Continuing our series of articles about essential courses in Egypt, we will talk today about management courses in Egypt. Management is the make it or break it factor in any project or business, to neglect it means certain failure to any activity.

How will a management course in Egypt make a difference?

Taking a course will make you a better businessman and a better person overall. Management is the most important factor in any human endeavor, and increasing your management skills should be a high on your priorities list.

Things you should expect from a management course in Egypt:
Before joining a course you should check the material and make sure it includes most of the following points:

· A management course has to offer material on leadership skills and ways to inspire employees. This is a must, a manager succeeds because people follow his or her lead, and having weak leadership skills is sure way to ruin any management efforts on your part.

· The course should also offer amble material on strategic planning. No matter how good you are doing in the short term, having no overall strategy for your business can only mean bad news later. Strategic thought is an art that takes a lot of time to master, but a good management course in Egypt should provide material and pointers on the subject to start you off on your way.

· A management course in Egypt must school you in the arts of time and priority management. Time is the most important and precious resource of them all, so the skill to manage time is of colossal importance to any businessman. And since time is always limited, having the skill to prioritize your objectives is a must. A good management course in Egypt will really help you in this area.

· The course must stress on the importance of stress management. Stress can have really negative effect on your employees and their work, if you do not know how to manage it, you will lose a lot.

· The course must finally address the different ways by which you can motivate your employees. Moral is a powerful force, it cannot double the efficiency and effectiveness of employees and help keep them loyal to your business. A management course will more than make up for its costs if it improves your skills in this particular point.

A management course in Egypt is a must for the serious businessman; it will affect every other aspect of your business and even your personal life. For more information on other courses in Egypt please visit http://www.doubleurincome.org/